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If you are our student, we guarantee you our;
Realistic counseling services - that will explain everything about your choice of School and course/program, admission and enrolment procedure. Including expenses that can be incurred in the visa processing and tuition and other projected miscellaneous expenses for the whole duration of the program.  We will also review your study options in case you do not qualify on your choice of course or program.
Full support on document preparation - that will ensure success on getting legal and required documents from the Government body.
Full visa application assistance - that will be on proper timeframe.
Regular communication and constant motivation - providing you with fresh updates.
Guidance on life in Philippines - that will give you full details on lifestyle in Philippines, including, history of the country, cultural values and customs, food, clothing, people and language and transportation system.
Pre-departure briefing - that will explain about your flight itineraries from Kathmandu up to the actual destination (Manila Airport) including meeting place at the Airport in Nepal and in Philippines and the person to meet at both airports.  We usually escort our students to Philippines to ensure they will reach their destination.
Progress Report to parents and/or guardians- that will give reports on the present status or standing of the students in school.
Assistance in sending remittance - that will ensure students will receive their respective allowances.
Assistance in loan application - that will help the Parents and/or Guardians in securing personal or student loans by way of document preparation.
Merge is devoted to serve you…